Sunday, 20 October 2013


Well that's the S&S Ferret finished off and hit with a shot of Daler-Rowney matt varnish. I've been left with one or two little pin-pricks of white, just in the deep recesses where a lot of the varnish has gathered. I can live with that (I think), but may go over them at some point in the future...

The decals for the number plates are spares from the old JB (now Airfix) Bedford MK refueller, and the "4" on the bridge classification plate is just a random "4" denoting a decal number cut from a 1/35 Warrior kit... All that's missing (and again, might be added in the future) are a Union flag on the front mudguard and a convoy marker on the rear centre line.

Quite chuffed with how this has turned out, I'll add a base when I source a suitable one from Warbases.

Over on The Guild, there's another group build on the go on the theme of Friend and Foe, which requires either two opposing sets of 3 vehicles or 10 figures, so I've decided to use it as an excuse to get some more of the BAOR infantry done, and make a start on the Soviet opposition.

So far, nearly finished these three from the BAOR platoon Command; Signaller, 51mm mortarman and Combat Medical Technician

Got the Platoon commander and his sergeant undercoated, and the remaining 5 on the British side will be made up of a MILAN team and an observer/ command base for the MILAN Section.

The Russians I'm still waiting on arriving from Elhiem, and will be composed of a Motor Rifle command element and a Motor Rifle squad.



  1. Lovely mate. I particularly like the do realise that they cannot possibly survive my clumsy mitts on the table top don't you?
    Looking forward to seeing your eastern bloc figures will you be doing vehicles for them too?

  2. Lol, cheers mate! Should be OK, they're just painbrush bristles, so they're pretty flexible!

    Yup, the Sovs' will be getting vehicles too; basically I'm planning a British mechanised Infantry Platton (plus supporting elements) facing a Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon (plus support). First Soviet vehicles will be a BMP-2, BRDM-2 and an MT-LB (the latter mainly because I've always thought they look oddly sinister...)