Friday, 18 October 2013

Ferret Scout Car Latest

Just about finished the S&S Models Ferret, just need to re-do the headlights and vision blocks, add some ariels, find some appropriate decals and maybe do a bit of weathering and we're done. A base will probably follow later.

Certainly looking a bit better now, I think!



  1. Very nice mate. What are you planning for the base?
    Almost tempted to start some Eastern bloc figures......but I've just begun another bunch of 15mm Saxons....

  2. Cheers Dave, just planning on a simple vehicle base from Warbases. ties the vehicles in with the figures nicely, and balances out the height difference. I'm waiting on some Elhiem Russians just now, just gonna paint them up as generic 3rd Shock Army (another Guild painting challenge beckons), but it'd be nice to see something a bit different...

    Get the Saxons up on the other blog once you've got them done!