Tuesday, 8 October 2013

BAOR Latest

Currently taking a break from the infantry and working on a Ferret Scout Car from S&S Models. It's a resin and white metal kit, and very well done it is to. I've added some extra stowage in the shape of some ammo boxes and canvas rolls from Kingfisher (the old CMSC line) and a rucksack from Elhiem.

As it's on the central front, it'll be finished in the standard British two-tone green and black scheme, which for me translates as Humbrol 86 for the NATO IRR green and 33 for the black. After the basecoat of H86, I gave it a wash with a thinned down mix of H86 darkened with H33. Unfortunately this didn't work out quite as well as I was hoping. Some of the wash in the deepest crevices (fnaarr) dried with a matt white finish (manky old thinners probably to blame) and the tone of the green went a bit too dark and too much of a blue tint to the hue.

I then went over the central panels with some straight H86, and after that had dried, some H86 lightened with some H34 matt white. Starting to look a wee bit better now...

Hopefully once the black patches go on and the detail paining  is done it should look a bit better.


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