Monday, 14 October 2013

Ferreting About...

After a spell of backshifts, I've been able to get some more done on the Ferret. I've applied the black camouflage bands, and done the tyres, so just ready for a final highlight and the detail painting now. Certainly looking a bit more like it now!

Also, I've just recieved my latest S&S order, so I've now got the Ferret's big brother, the CVR(W) Fox, to be getting on with, along with some other bits and pieces, which will be revealed soon...



  1. Nice. Something else we need to get on the table.
    Oh by the way Terezia tells me the VB on Czechoslovakian police car doors stood for Verejna Bezpecnost. This translates literally as Public Safety. Hope that is useful!

  2. Excellent, mind you I'm glad they abbreviated it! The Lada arrived on Saturday, so should be able to crack on with that as and when....