Saturday, 27 July 2013

Warm Fluff...?

Following getting some advice re: macro photography from a couple of friends in the business (cheers Craig and Mark!), I decided to have a crack at some photography outdoors. Results were definitely better; still required a wee bit of post-prod tweeking, but definitely better!

The models are Hasslefree Miniatures' "Definitely Not In Any Way Sgt Nicholas Angel" Officer Nick, and "Obviously Not PC Danny Butterman At All" PC Sam Ford. As per usual, Kev's workmanship is truly beautiful, and the figures practically paint themselves.
The newspaper headline came about because I wanted some suitably post-apocalyptic identifier on the bases, and this line from an Entombed song just seemed t be a perfect indicator of the approach of the End times...



  1. Looking good! One thing I didn't think about before was how dark some of the models were. For ones like this, you might have better luck trying a mid grey background, just like some sugar paper or something, that way you could expose the darker details on the models without the background bleaching out to pure white.

    1. Cheers mark! Yeah, actually I was thinking the same thing when I was taking the pictures, maybe mid blue of something, but grey sugar paper sounds like a better shout. Need to take a wee trip into Glasgow anyway, so might pay a visit to The Art Store or Millers while I'm in...

  2. Yeah, a not-too-strong blue would look good with the cops.