Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DPM, a brief experiment in macro photography

Still relying on the camera phone for pics, unfortunately. Just a quick shot of an Elhiem 20mm BAOR Jimpy gunner to try and get the Macro focussing on the DPM properly...

For anyone interested, the DPM is a basecoat of Humbrol 86 Olive Green, then irregular brush strokes of 84 Mid-Stone, overlaid with 98 Chocolate and finally 33 Black. Gives a reasonable representation of temperate DPM at this scale, I feel (who am I kidding, I do the same in 28mm and 1/35...) I don't bother with shading or highlighting disruptive patterns generally, as it destroys the effect of the representation. In larger 80mm+ figures, I might be tempted to try, but nothing smaller...

As those of you in Blighty will be aware, the weather's been suspiciously warm of late, so I've been slacking off painting lately; not only do I feel guilty lurking in the loft when it's beautiful outside and there's gardening to be done, but it's also like a bloody sauna up there! I clocked 37C last week, which, for a small, pale blue person from north of The Wall, is far too hot...

I'll be attempting to catch up once it gets a bit cooler.



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