Friday, 19 July 2013


In the midst of all this powdersmoke, the new BAOR releases from Elhiem I'd ordered have arrived, ad they're absolutely beautiful!

I'd ordered one of everything, to give me a platoon command, 2nd rifle section, MILAN detatchment, SF GPMG detachment, 81mm Mortar team, Blowpipe/ Javelin detachment, A MILAN command element, and a couple of sparies to form the nucleus of a recce section (since they've got a TRILUX and IWS on their SLRs; they'll also aquire Bergens or rucksacks shortly...)

Platoon command, left to right; signaller, platoon commander, platoon sergeant, Combat Medical Technician (a stretch I know, but the Ambush Alley CWGH TO&E calls for it) and a 51mm mortar.

Rifle Section, including LAW, Charlie G and GPMG in the light role. the number 1 and number 2 on this will be based on a single 35mm round base, rather than individual 20mm ones. This is a cobble-together from 3 seperate packs ("SLRs skirmishing", "Launchers" and "GPMG team", the thrird member of this last pack became the platoon sgt in the previous photo...)

MILAN detachment; these and the other two crew served weapons will go on a 50mm base

SF GPMG; I'dreally been looking forward to this one!

81mm Mortar

Blowpipe/ Javelin detachment; these chaps will get a Spartan to ride in. I'm fairly sure that's about right (if anyone can correct me, please batter in, I'm all ears...) they'll be mounted together on a 35mm base. The number 2 would possibly be better suited as one of the guys with binoculars, or again the figure used as the pltn sgt, but since I didn't have any spare, but did have a spare Rupert, I suppose it could be the Aircraft Silhouette recognition Guide he's holding, rather than a map; "Eeeh, Ah'm sure that's a MiG, Jim....I think...."

MILAN Command element. Again, they'll be on a 35mm base. According to the Ambush Alley TO&E they get a Ferret to bimble about in. Not convinced that's totally right, but since the Ferret's awesome and has that quintessentially British quirkiness about it, a ferret they shall have...

And finally the odd couple with the TRILUX and IWS. the TRILUX chappie comes in the "Observers/ Advanced Optics" pack, which is where I thought the IWS toting chap would also feature, but instead he comes as the platoon Sgt in the HQ pack. However, with the addition of bergens or rucksacks, they'll become the nucleus of the Recce Section, along with some more similarly equipped riflemen and any other appropriate looking figures from the above that seem to fit...

Since I'm still waiting on the 35mm and 50mm bases for these chaps, it'll be a while before they see paint, so here's a few shots of the existing BAOR section they'll be reinforcing...

Brick 1; featuring the full screw in charge, and Charlie G gunner

2nd brick, featuring lance-jack, and GPMG Lt Role team.
Again, the photography's a bit grim, they do look a bit better in real life! The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that some of these old sweats are wearing Tropical issue trousers (a popular combo with the temperate weight jacket, I'm told; if it wasn't for the sculpted-on baggy pockets, I'd have done a few in green lightweighs, too), and there's a smattering of wooden SLR furniture aswell for variation. Not so obvious is that some are painted with putties and DMS boots, rather that the Boot, Combat, High. since you can't actually see that now the bases have ben done, and it's a bit naff, I'll probably refrain from doing that on the next ones...

Oh well, back to red coats and pipeclay...



  1. Good Lord - those are nice. Put me to shame squire. I wasn't aware there was a recce section, was there one per company? I'll have to go check my sources.

    Spartan for the Blowpipe team is bang on, Blowpipe in UKLF used landrovers.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks Conrad! Not sure if the Recce Section was a formal thing or not, not seen them in any official TOE or ORBAT; however I have came across several passing references to them (if I find them again I'll PM you on the Guild)- it may even have been something particular battalions did. In game terms they'll function as an ordinary section anyway, and will be handy to represent guys with nightfighting equipment if required in a scenario. At a pinch they could be Para Pathfinders or similar Gucci units...

    As for the Blowpipe, that's another excuse for even more Landrovers, if I decide to go with the TA in Saxons option, as they'd be UKLF...