Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Continental Cousins

With an upcoming DBA-ish campaign based around either the Norman Conquest of Sicily or the First Crusade on the horizon, I decided to get some Normans on the painting bench, in order that I could take part properly, rather than using my much later Scots as proxies, or sponging off the other players for appropriate figures.

So far I've only managed to get the general finished and based, along with his standard bearer and loyal attendant/ evil henchman (depending on your viewpoint).

Baron D'Guyerre* (10 pts for spotting the movie reference...)

I also procured some Vikings (since that's my prime, if not only real, interest in dark age/early mediaeval forces) however, haven't made a start on them yet, since they'll be of limited utility in the campaign we have planned (unless there are some spectacularly unlucky dice rolls...). However, the dread fleet of Haakon the Bastard and Magnus Trollhammern should make an appearance at some point soon. Maybe...

Quite pleased with how these have turned out, if only that they don't somehow look especially "Norman", though hopefully the next few batches should remedy that. The bases were intended to be a bit of a compromise; I'd initially just intended on doing them in plain desert colours, but then thought that I would like them to be usable as Conquest era Normans against Saxons, Scots, Vikings, etc, so had to get some sort of greenery into them, without making them exclusively North West European looking. I think the trade off worked reasonably well. Like MTP, it doesn't blend in perfectly with temperate or desert settings, but doesn't look hopelessly out of place in either of those either.

However, I'm now engaged in a bit of a push to get some more Cold War Soviets done, so we'll see when the next batch of Normans gets finished...


*In the fine tradition of "William the Bastard,", he was going simply be "Stephen the Cunt", but I decded against it.