Friday, 4 March 2016

Latest Cold War Progress

Since the Autumn, i've pretty much been concentrating on the Cold War. The UK screening of Deutschland 83 helped maintain this into the new year, and so far I'm still "in the zone" with it. I've been working on both sides simultaneously; for the BAOR, I've been working on a Battlegroup Command base, for higher level games. The figures are from the ever dependable hand of Matt at Elhiem, with some subtle tweeking by yours truly (since my fictional Cold War is viewed by the rose-tinted goggles of the ARRSE forum...)

The Base consists of the CO, in obligatory Barbour jacket. No one tells the CO he's improperly dressed, though the RSM may gently hint at it... he's acompanied by the Ops Officer; no idea if this is the correct 1980s terminology, but he's represented here in all his Silvermans Trolley Dash glory- SAS Smock, Tropical Comabat Trousers and DILAC hat. Well ally. Also present is the Adjutant, wielding a map and compass (the most terrifying sight in NATO), an officer from the RAC element of the Battlegroup and the RSM, pointing out to the ruperts that Ivan is in fact that way, oh yes, and Pvt MacAuslan is on jankers again, for pissing in the stew.

The plan is to have them clustered around a table strewn with maps, Thermos flasks and fags...

Left to right- Ops Officer, RAC Officer, CO, Adjutant, RSM.

On the other side of the IGB, I finally managed to get the four remaining figures in the first Russian platoon finished. I never intended to do two platoons, but Elhiem released a flurry of new Soviet Riflemen poses, and I simply must posess all the pretty things...

Hope to get the BAOR base finished for the end of the month...



  1. Damn you Ian, damn you all to heck. I had somehow missed that BAOR command team. They are tasty. Matt has done himself proud, yet again. You do those sculpts well - you had me laughing at the Silvermans trolley dash too.

    More please Sir.

  2. Haha, cheers Conrad!

    I shall try not to disappoint!

  3. Great figures. I like the extra character you've put into them.