Friday, 22 August 2014

A Return to Paint-Flinging...

 After something of a hiatus over the summer, it’s time to get back on with some progress on the painting front, now that Autumn is on the way. As the dearth of blog updates both here and on Bobinantes can confirm, I’ve not been particularly busy over the summer, instead having to concentrate on real life, rather than that in scale.

So what have I been up to? Mainly terrain. I managed to complete the rocky outcrop and bocage sections I was working on, and, short of a few bits of detailing that need to be done on the outcrop, I think they look pretty good-

Something that has been sitting on my workbench for about a year is a solitary undercoated figure from Elhiem’s Soviet Infantry in Body Armour set. The idea being to paint up some sort of internal security forces as an excuse for some suitably wacky, psychedelic “camouflage” uniforms of the type often seen in the Middle East, Asia and some of the former Soviet republics. I sort of lost interest in it for a while, but now have rekindled it with an idea for an “Imagi-Nation” which will form the basis for a more in-depth future project. To get it off the ground, I cracked on with this one, and he came out rather well. The lettering on the front of the helmet was one of those happy accidents, which I will be totally unable to replicate again. It was originally just going to be 4 white blobs to represent “OMOH” (see the patch on the back of his armour- that was done first!), but then the paintbrush started to move, and the rest just sort of happened…

And finally, I have re-started on the Cold War in 20mm! Matt at Elhiem has released some spanking new BAOR sculpts (including some rather nice RUC, which I have no real need for, but want anyway…) and with the Autumn approaching (the season for the wearing of tweed, listening to of Prog and painting of Cold War subjects. It’s the law.) there was really no choice in the matter!

Started on the next three troops for the 2nd BMP squad for the Soviets. Nothing much to show so far-

In the tune of something a bit different, I’ve also made a start on some refugees, of which I aim to have a couple of bases of. However, these are proving a bit of a pig, mainly as no one makes suitable 80’s civilians! Sure there are IM plastic types, but next to metal wargames figures, even ones as well proportioned as Elhiem, they look very ethereal and waif-like, and generally just not right. However, I’ve managed to source some from Sgt’s Mess, which although wearing more or less 1940s clothes, seem to be adaptable enough with the right paintjob…

However, I now notice Elhiem have released some 70s types, some of whom may be suitable to join the convoy, however, this will probably merit some further investigation…

Lastly, a sneak preview at a test subject for a future project. What could this be…?

…you’ll just have to wait and see!



  1. Good to see you back in the saddle Ian.

    1. Thanks Conrad, it's good to be back wielding a brush!