Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2014 to Date in Painting.

With one thing and another this year, I haven’t had a great deal of time for painting so far, most of my efforts have been focussed towards the continuation of the 20mm Cold War Project, and a long overdue addition to the 28mm Muskets & Tomahawks force.

After the completion of the Fox armoured car shown in the last update, Cold War doings have otherwise been somewhat Soviet, as I worked my way through Elhiems’s Soviet Support Weapons pack.

Following the completion of the figures for these back in February, I’ve now finished a spotter for the sniper and a No. 2 for the SA-7 operator, who’ll be based in pairs, and a further Motor Rifleman.
Things were going fine until I realised half-way through painting that I’d forgotten to sculpt a hood onto the spotter’s smock…

However, with the addition of this, I was back on track…

…and finally managed to get everyone based up.

Sniper Team

SA-7 Team

Motor Riflemen

In addition to this, back in the world of 28mm, I finally got on with the 3pdr Butterfly Gun from Perry Miniatures. While not the best set of castings I’ve ever received from Perry Miniatures, which are normally pretty damn good, a night spent with a scalpel and needle file soon had things sorted out, and work got under way.

 With the crew finished (now complete with correct coloured plumes)…

 …I could concentrate on the gun itself

And the beast was done*…!

However, with that all done, and with the help of a number of decent mediaeval themed documentaries having recently appeared on iPlayer, my fickle nature has risen to the fore, and I’ve taken a wild swerve back to painting 15mm Mediaevals. Me? Easily Distracted? Nev- ooh a birdie….
On with the Feudal Scots!


*Spot the musical reference.

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