Monday, 3 March 2014

Fox Nearing Completion

Progressing at my usual glacial speed with the Fox, however, it is now slowly getting there!

Optics finished, decals sourced and applied, and then glossed, awaiting an overall coat of matt.

Things then went slightly awry with the matt varnish, with a load of frosting appearing in the recesses; however, after an initial burst of cursing, swearing and general anger management issues, I did discover that scraping away the worst of the build up with a dental picker and then a liberal scrub with white spirit seemed to solve the more minor bits. The remaining large areas will just get a repaint and a much thinner (think drybrush) coat of varnish. Thankfully, these are confined to some of the tyre treads, under the wheelarches and in the jerry can stowage, so shouldn't take long to sort out...

All that remains after that will be to summon up the enthusiasm to get a base done...


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