Saturday, 7 September 2013

Painting Challenge Entry 1

There's couple of painting challenges currently running over on The Guild and Lead Adventure, the one on The Guild having the theme "Red", and the one on Lead Adventure being a medieval one. As luck would have it, my first entry fit the criterea for both!

Presenting Sir Archibald "Bell The Cat", the Red Douglas, Earl of Angus, at Sauchieburn 1488, with a couple of his retainers.

The figures are from the Perry's plastic Wars of the Roses "Mercenaries" box. It seemed like a good idea at the time to use one of the spare standard arms to make a front rank man with a (Somewhat clumsily and unconvincingly held) levelled pike; now I reckon he looks more like an extra from Hawk The Slayer (probably as a result of that helmet and mace combo...) But however...

The Guild challenge finishes on the 14th, and I've got another couple of entries to try and squeeze in for that, and the Lead Adventure one closes once 200 miniatures have been painted by the entrants collectively, so again, want to get some more stuff finished for that aswell.

Back to the painting table!


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