Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Denizens of Discworld

Bit of a change of tone here from the last few posts! Some 30mm Discworld sculpts from MicroArt Studios, showing Arch-Chancellor Mustrum Ridcully, His Grace The Duke of Ankh Commander Sir Samuel Vimes and Corporal Cecil Wormsborough St. John "Nobby" Nobbs of the City Watch. The scuplts are based on the illustrations of Paul Kidby (of whom I am a mahoosive fan), which lead to something of a double take for me when I came across them; I'd always thought that 28mm sculpts basedon Kidby's artwork would be just about the doggiest of danglies, and one day whilst cruising teh interwebs, I found these on Kidby's site. I'm now slightly concerned someone stalks my dreams and steals my ideas...but, ahem, however, I digress...

Mustrum Ridcully

Commander Vimes

Corporal Nobbs

I added mail to the shoulders of Vimes and Nobby, to better match the descriptions in the book, and in Vimes' case to obscure the sergeant's chevrons he has for some reason (some confusion with Sergeant-At -Arms Keel, perhaps...?)

The cobblestones were sculpted from green stuff, and the water on Nobby's base is PVA painted with Tamiya Clear Colours. Currently waiting in the wings are Sgt Colon, Sybil Vimes and Errol the Dragon, and since the range keeps expanding, I'd probably better get me finger out...


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